Lunchbox-based communication support system

A analysis accumulation at Ochanomizu University is alive on a arrangement to abutment advice aural families via lunchboxes.

In this system, anniversary lunchbox has a baby touchscreen PC, camera, microphone,and apostle congenital in. The agreeable starts up automatically back the lunchbox is opened.

“I anticipate bodies who accomplish arranged lunches feel all sorts of affections which may not consistently be announced to the bodies who eat the lunches. And conversely, addition bistro a arranged cafeteria ability appetite to say, “This is delicious,” or “Thank you for authoritative it.” But it’s not accessible to accord that affectionate of acknowledgment to the being who fabricated the lunch. So we’re suggesting this system, to abutment advice amid bodies who eat arranged lunches and bodies who accomplish them.”

“When the being authoritative the cafeteria opens the lunchbox in the morning, the arrangement starts up automatically, and annal the being authoritative the lunch. Back the box is closed, the recording stops automatically. Back the added being opens the lunchbox at assignment or school, the pictures recorded in the morning are apparent automatically. At the aforementioned time, the being bistro the cafeteria is recorded automatically. So back they booty the lunchbox home at night, and the added being opens it to ablution it, the video shows whether the cafeteria was eaten with a big smile, for example. So this arrangement supports advice amid bodies who accomplish arranged lunches and bodies who eat them.”

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