Low-cost Endoscope That Does Not Use Optical Fiber

ARS develops, designs and manufactures medical endoscopes at a reduced cost. Eyeing demand for low-cost endoscopes in emerging economies, ARS began by selling its products in India in December 2012, and ahead it aims to roll out mass-market models in Southeast Asian and South Asian markets.

Endoscopes developed by ARS feature miniature diode lights at their tip and, albeit on the market at an occasional value, conjointly give HD video output. Plus, ARS doesn’t use glass fiber, that options in near ninety nine of the foremost makers’ endoscopes, and this could scale back repair prices to a fifth or perhaps a tenth of what they’d be otherwise.

“Japan has witnessed boom marketplace for pets within the previous few years, with some house owners currently strict constant level of treatment for his or her pets as afforded to humans. With an eye fixed to such markets, we tend to also are staring at stepping into veterinary medical care–endoscopes for pets, in alternative words.”

ARS obtained approval to manufacture veterinary medical devices in September 2012 and, ahead, plans to enlist the assistance of sales firms because it delves into the domestic pet market.

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