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Live2D’s animation technology lets users interact with 2D illustrations in 3D space. Live2D are now developing Live2D Euclid, a next generation system that can animate 2D illustrations 360-degrees, in rich 3D environments.

“As a further evolution of our Live2D Cubism series, we made it possible to move illustrations through about 30 degrees horizontally. But with this new version, movement through 360 degrees is a matter of course, and what’s more, images can be rendered just as they appear in 2D. This Euclid series is still at the prototype stage, but from now on, we plan to develop it further, so illustrations can be viewed in all directions, from both above and below.”

“Also, by using a head-mount display like the Oculus, it’s possible to make it feel as if you’re in a virtual space. We’re also considering ways of applying this to create the sensation that 2D characters have entered a 2D world, as they are, stereoscopically, rather than making a 3D model in the space and going into that.”

“Live2D Euclid can be used in hybrid fashion, with the body modeled in a 3D space like this, and the face in Live2D. By creating hybrids, it can also be combined with existing 3D models. So, if you want to make a character’s face cuter, or make it look like an illustration, you can render the face alone using Live2D, and use the existing 3D model for the body.”

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English: A 3-D solid model of a jack inside a ...
English: A 3-D solid model of a jack inside a cube. Modeled and ray traced using Cobalt. Animation is 120 frames at 25 fps. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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