Light Pollution

Some amateurs have contacted the local and state authorities on light pollution, sky glow, especially stress and its impact on the observation of the night sky. This approach requires a dark sky, but have had little positive impact on New Jersey and some other parts of the country. A much broader approach are wider resonance and appeal, which may continue to provide astronomers want the result: a sky darker.

Eatontown order was issued in 1993 and is not related to astronomy and dark skies. It is said that the purpose is to oversee the delivery of glare, light spill (light side), wasted energy and unnecessary brightness of the sky. Local officials consider the reference to reduce sky glow was enough for those who are interested in a dark sky. Some people think of “dark sky” kind of negative way to make them feel insecure.

With more than 500 municipalities in New Jersey, why so little control LP? The State Commissions recommendations were very clear: Light pollution is reduced, a benefit for all. However, these departments of state and major utilities that were included in the accession of the State Commission have not really followed the recommendations of its own representative. Light pollution is still a very misunderstood and most people do not realize that something can be done about it. (check polish: Dlaczego niebo niebieskie)

The coverage of the media in general has presented the problem of light pollution from the perspective of astronomy. Most respondents have been in the business of astronomy clearly and passionately express their inability to see the night sky.

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