Latest Invention: Tea Bag that Uses Nanotechnology to Clean Drinking Water

One of the latest inventions developed by researchers from Stellenbosch University in South Africa is a one of a kind “tea bag” that makes use of nanotechnologyto clean drinking water, making it free from contaminants and bacteria.
It would be interesting to note that the “tea bag” is made of the same material that is used to make the actual tea bags. The only difference is that in the Stellenbosch researchers’ invention the ingredients arenanoscale fibers and grains of carbon, reports io9.
Both fibers and grains of carbon filter water from all hazardous contaminants. In order to purify the water, the user needs to place the tea bag in the neck of a water bottle. The tea bag filters the water when the person drinks from the bottle.
One bag can be used to filter up to 1 liter of water and it costs less than a half of an American cent.

From Physics Great site

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