Latest Invention: Contact Lenses That Change Color to Inform Diabetics About Blood Sugar Levels

People suffering from diabetes regularly have to check their blood sugar levels, meaning they are bound to repeatedly draw and check blood. However, recently a biochemical engineer from the Universityof Western Ontario came up with probably one of the most useful inventions for diabetics.
Hydrogen contact lenses provide a non-invasive way of checking the level of glucose by changing colors each time the level of sugar in blood increases or lowers. This is possible thanks to nanoparticles implanted in the lenses. These particles come into contact with glucose molecules found in human tears, informs the Institute of Nanotechnology. As a result of chemical reaction, the lenses change their color, warning the person about the sugar levels.
For one of his most useful inventions Professor Jin Zhang used the money he earned from the Canada Foundation for Innovation that offered $216,000 for Zhang’s breakthrough method of developing other different uses for multifunctional nanocomposites. The latter can be used in a variety of fields including biomedicine and food preservation, for example.

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