Laser-Material Interaction Utilization In Engineering

At the Terakawa Laboratory of Keio University’s Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, research is being conducted on technology that explores and utilizes laser-material interaction to contribute to engineering, biotechnology, and medicine.

“Most lasers currently used in industry are continuous wave, or what are known as nanosecond lasers, that have a longer interaction time. When this type of laser is used, the energy imparted during the laser irradiation diffuses to the surrounding area, which means that energy cannot be localized to the desired area of interaction. But if the laser pulse is in a femtosecond time-scale, the energy is completely transferred before heat can diffuse into the surrounding area, which makes little heat-affected zone, and extremely precise processing is possible.”

The Terakawa Laboratory is additionally leading research on future biotechnology and restorative engineering by using the different attributes of laser light. By uncovering centered  and upgraded optical field with femtosecond laser transforming, onto a phone film, little numerous openings in the layer might be made.

“By opening up a gap in the cell film without harming the cell, drug atoms or genes might be embedded into the cell from outside the cell. The phone layer regularly goes about as a boundary to the phone and keeps anything from entering from the outside, however by opening up a little gap in the film it turns into a way into the phone. This can then be utilized for treatments, for example, gene treatment or regenerative solution.”

“There are still many things that we need to do. One challenge is to perform processing with greater precision. As for applications of such processing, by achieving a level of processing technology previously unattainable, new opportunities will emerge, and we will discover potential future applications that were not even imagined because they were impossible. This is our challenge.”


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