Keeping Our Troops Safe- Gibraltar High Security Barriers

All over the world, the alarming increase in terrorism and terrorist activities is affecting people throughout all continents. Terror cells, at times, may not be discriminating against or favoring any specific nationality, religion, or other collective group. Different terrorist groups, spread all across the globe, are out to destroy and kill. Some may claim specific ‘agendas’, but the fact yet remains no one, anywhere or at time, is safe from the threat of deadly attack.


Sadly, the U.S. has been the victim to 2 devastating terrorists events in recent memory (Oklahoma City and the 9/11 attacks) that absolutely call our attention to what devastation can occur if facilities or areas are not safely fortified.


Gibraltar, based in Marble Falls, TX, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of barriers for Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection, as well as for perimeter Access Control and barriers for highway safety.


With American military personnel spread out all across the world, military bases are now more susceptible than ever to terror strikes. Measures must be taken at every American base and facility to ensure the safety of all personnel on-site. In the interest of keeping all facilities safe from ground attacks, the military is erecting Gibraltar high security barriers at installations where the need is most critical.


Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers


To provide complete facility protection from military and terrorist threats, Gibraltar features the G-Force Brace & Beam Anti-Ram Crash Fence, a passive vehicle barrier (PVB). The system can provide protection for the entire facility perimeter. Customers can achieve optimal anti-ram security when integrating G-Force with the G-2000 Active Wedge Barrier or the G-5550 Anti-Ram Sliding Crash Gate at access control points.


Components of Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers:


*G-Force Brace & Beam

*G-1000 Series Anti-Ram Bollards

*G-2000 Series Active Wedge Barriers

*G-3000 Series Vertical Lift Barriers

*G-5000 Series Anti-Ram Crash Gates


Active and Passive Vehicle Barriers


Both active vehicle barriers (AVB) and passive vehicle barriers (PVB) are provided by Gibraltar. AVBs- include the G-2000, G-3000, and G-5000 components. The AVBs can be provided with hydraulic or electric operation. The PVBs include the G-Force Brace & Beam Anti-Ram Crash Fence and the G-1000 Series Anti-Ram Bollards.


Gibraltar’s anti-ram barriers meet or exceed requirements of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of State (DoS). The barriers meet requirements of anti-terrorism and force protection (AT/FP), and can be found on the USACE DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List.


Gibraltar’s anti-ram barrier systems meet NERC CIP 014 requirements, the standard which identifies and protects transmission stations and substations, as well as their primary control centers.


Gibraltar’s anti-terrorist security barriers meet Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard regulations and are CFATS compliant.


In some circumstances, facilities may find needs for security fencing. Gibraltar offers the Palisade Fence, with 6′, 8′, 10′, and 12′ galvanized and powder coated fences in 3 styles: Skewer, Skewer Curved, and Pedestrian end options. This fence can be integrated with covert/embedded tamper-proof sensor options, and integrate with the G-5550 Sliding Gate and the G-Force Brace & Beam.


High security at our nations military installations, both home and abroad, has never been a more critical issue to address than it is right now. Gibraltar helps to provide protection and security to those that serve their country, working to keep all people everywhere safe and secure.

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