Inventing the Bertillon System Created Crime Investigation

regard to the study
of economic crime investigation
the Bertillon system might not seem to
have many applications, but in fact it certainly does.  It is used the world over in order to
identify, classify and catalog individuals who are involved in criminal
activity.  It goes the extra mile
scientifically in order to provide investigators with the tools they need to
record vital data about criminals.  What
makes the system so valuable though is that the data can then be pulled to
compare against another data set currently being used in an investigation.  Such a scenario is now extremely common and
something we take for granted, but at one point criminal investigators would
scramble in an effort to identify a suspect and evaluate their data.

The Bertillon system goes the extra mile in that it mandates the collection of
certain information including a physical description and measurements.  Such information needs to be available these
days not only in a given area, but the world over by way of international
efforts to combat crime.  There are a number of
different agencies who go the extra mile in
order to ensure that all of the data
they have is available to other law enforcement agencies for their use.  This helps to capture criminals who will
attempt to run away to other countries, but it is still very expensive to give
chase in certain instances.  It is this
saving of cost which can be a huge incentive for law enforcement agencies to
cooperate and share information with one another.

Through the innovations brought about by the Bertillon system it became
possible to quickly record vital data about someone who had been apprehended by
law enforcement.  Making sure that this
data is accurately stored is very important, because otherwise it might not be
conveyed in a way that makes sense later.
Having the most up to date database for criminal investigations was only
a dream a hundred years ago, but the combination of technology and excellent record
keeping has given rise to a whole new level of accuracy.  These
days accessing the records of criminals
does not have to be done under the
search of a name, it can be done with nothing more than the vaguest
description.  Considering the fact that
in many instances witnesses do not have a chance to get a good look at a
suspect it can definitely be an invaluable tool of investigation.  Something as simple as a tattoo can become a
search term that allows someone to seek out a list of suspects, this is why
when people are arrested all of their tattoos and other features are catalogued
and photographed whether they consent to the photos or not.

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