Interesting Things behind Videography Inventions

We all are part of the video revolution that is gripping our generation presently. People carry tablets and phones in their pocket that have vibrant displays and amazing clarity. Do you ever wonder how did this all start? When did we actually start becoming a part of this revolution?

Almost every other average smart phone out there has an HD screen that easily plays a movie, music video or even personal recorded videos. Earlier, you would have never come across the portability of video; it is only after the inception of the video camera and the innovations in the field of videography that people can have a video playing facility in their pocket, at the movies, at work, in school and at home. The current generation is basically living on these videos, may it be Rihanna or Bill gates there are videos of everyone on the mobile and internet circuit.

Video camera in action.
Video camera in action. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To give you a better insight into the invention of video production, let’s hit the rewind and go a little into the past. In the early 1990’s the camera was invented by Philo Farnsworth. Over time, it developed in a fundamental aspect of the television, was upgraded to colour, and gradually newer additions and features were added to it. Then was the advent of the portable video camera and the recorder. By then the video camera was smaller, and the only thing that was needed was the video cassettes that would be suitable for portable videography.

Video cameras are designed with the intention of serving a wide array of purposes. With the changing times, and the newer inventions, people now have the opportunity to choose from myriad type of video cameras. Right from the surveillance camera to the portable camera, you are sure to find three out of five people using some kind of video camera.

Over the decades, there have been numerous developments in the field of video production. Both cost and size have gone up and down simultaneously. While the costs have gone up, the size has gone down to the extent of being fitted in your portable video players and mobile phones.

Sony DCR PC100E Video Camera
Sony DCR PC100E Video Camera (Photo credit: MarkBTomlinson)

To surmise, the invention of videography has been a boon to many. People no longer have to keep their photographs safely or their marriage video cassettes safely. Now video production is simple and easy to the extent of producing videos and simply uploading them to online servers or video sharing sites like YouTube.

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