Ink-jet printing on traditional Japanese paper

Washi paper (Sugihara paper)
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“Traditional Japanese paper contains long fibers. So if you print on it, the ink may bleed, or the color may be faint. To solve those problems, we’ve processed the paper, making it possible to print things very nicely. We’ve also had these accessories made especially for this show. We wanted to bring out the very best in Japanese paper for our customers, so we’ve created a casual style that’s not excessively fancy. We think these accessories will appeal to a wide range of people.”

To date, ARATA has been involved in reproducing historic artworks, including paintings and handwritten scrolls, using technology for printing on traditional Japanese paper. From now on, the company also intends to provide this technology overseas, for use in souvenirs and other goods.

“Traditional Japanese paper can be processed freely, so from now on, we’d like to get lots of advice from our customers, and develop this technology in a variety of ways. We hope this will lead to a full range of coordinated products.”

source:Din info channel

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