How To Hide The Ubuntu Desktop Icon

Who today does not seek to like – then decorate your computer, do not search on the Internet unique icons for desktop? I am sure that not only the young who tend to always look for the “new”

but people are very respectable age constantly vary your computing life. It’s clear why.

Including computer is always pleasant to see the cute or funny icons for the desktop, rather than monotonous folder. Yes, and using different icons for the desktop, always at first sight, it is clear that hidden under that icon.

It does not matter what size you download the icon. Its size can be altered. Some like bigger icons, and others, it is infuriating. Cool! Go to the desktop and while holding down CTRL, scroll wheel mouse in one direction or another. The size of icons for the desktop increases or decreases. That’s the whole problem.

And as to choose an icon for the desktop, which will fall on soft soul and will make you happy, helps the ubiquitous Internet, whose residents are happy to share with you their products.

If you are new to Linux and do not use Ubuntu, you can upset by the fact that there is no possibility to quickly and easily hide / show icons on the desktop as it does in Windows. But do not worry because there are several ways to reduce or even eliminate the clutter on your desktop and hide some or all of the icons on your desktop Ubuntu.

Hide icons home directory and directories “computer”, “device” and “basket”:

In order to hide the icons directory and home directories “computer”, “device” and “shopping”, just open the Configuration Editor Configuration Editor – click for the Alt-F2, type gconf-editor, and then run the editor.

Inside the config editor go to apps → nautilus → desktop (applications → nautilus → Desktop). In the right pane you’ll see a few items flagged. Simply uncheck the boxes corresponding to the icon you wish to hide.

Hide all desktop icons:

To hide all desktop icons in Ubuntu including, possibly, downloaded files and documents, open the Configuration Editor, navigate to apps → nautilus → preferences (Applications → Nautilus → Preferences), and then find the right pane element show_desktop. Uncheck the box and, voila, then all your icons will disappear from the desktop.

The configuration editor Ubuntu – removing icons

Hide desktop icons using Ubuntu Tweak:

If you already have a popular application called Ubuntu Tweak, you can use it to make an easier way than what I described above, hide desktop icons.

To take advantage of Ubuntu Tweak, simply login and go to Desktop Icon Settings (Configure Desktop Icons), and then uncheck the icons or for which you wish to hide. If you’re one of those who have not installed Ubuntu Tweak, just use the package manager Synaptic Package Manager or the control center software Ubuntu Software Center to obtain it. That’s it.

Read pragmatic tips about the topic of – study this webpage. The time has come when proper information is really at your fingertips, use this possibility.

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