How To Build A Tree House

Tree House building can be an exciting summer project. Many people, especially children, love to build their own tree house on their backyard, and jump without considering the factors that make it unique tree house construction different from that of other construction projects.

When building the tree house, you should consider the tree’s growth and pressure in windy situation without compromising the structure integrity. With good preparation and a good set of plans for housing in the trees, manufacturers can avoid common mistakes, saving time and money. All excellent tree houses start with an in good physical shape, durable tree. Depending on the design of a tree house, wood can provide all or most of the construction of a tree house, so it is important to make sure that tree is strong enough.

Tips for building your own tree house:

1. Make sure that to get the board and the second frame position. Then prepare for additional sustain. Then you must file a plum bob starting to the board on the ground will become the area where it will publish the first hole. Make a mark in this area and then take a shovel or post-hole shovel / spade if you do not have a shovel and create a hole two feet deep. If you go a little deeper will be fine, nevertheless, be quite sure that your post is available to connect to the structure of the tree house.

2. Now you can pour the gravel base in the hole, which should take no more than 3-4 inches from the hole. Place the 4 x 4 in the newly filled hole, make sure that it is in a good vertical. Make sure that post is in safe position by holding it tightly to the floorboard. This is to prevent swinging.

3. To ensure that your post is now all right, you will now add your concrete mix around the posthole. Put a little water on top of the mixture to prevent air bubbles from forming. The post will be stable after it has dried properly. Do the same thing on the other two positions.

4. Drill the posts, frames and then put the bolts wagons properly. Install the washer and nut and then connect the two key standards taken to stop moving. You will need to cut the tops of the posts, so they are evenly under the frame at the top. You can use a saw to cut evenly. You can use a level to ensure that the cuts are at the top level.

5. You can now make ladder in your tree house by the use of 2×4. Cut to fit the period, the creation of both rails and rungs. A nail or screw them in place on the surface, and your preference.

6. Now you can take your floorboard on top of your foundation structure. Be sure to leave a space between each section of the wood. Nail properly.

7. Then build your wall using 4×4 frames and wall studs. Place borders around your platform and tighten them securely in place.

8. Take a few blocks around your frame wall to allow extra strength to your structure. Will re-apply the screws and nail gun.

9. Finally, your tree house is now ready to be paint and do some decorations the way you want it to look like.

Consider the element of weight. if you want to build a tree house, always keep in mind the added weight. Of course, they use different types of wood, but should be light. The weight to add, the riskiest of the house becomes. Even the furniture that you intend to keep inside of the tree house must not be heavy. Plastic chairs are good idea. Nevertheless, you do not have to fear. Once you have an expert in your area, the risks caused by extreme pressure on the branches can be avoided.

Last, but not least, use proper woodworking blueprints. Nowadays it is very easy to download these woodworking blueprints from the Internet.

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