Honest Review Of Zygor Guides: World Of Warcraft In-Game Strategy Guides

If you play Wow, itrrrs likely that at some point you’ve heard of Zygor Guides. Zygor’s Wow Guides are complete leveling guides from levels 1-80 on both Horde and Alliance side. There are also a heap of other bonus guides offered with the leveling guides. There is also a Dailies & Events Guide as well as a Gold Guide, but these are sold seperately. let me explain what Zygor Guides does…

The leveling guides are surprisingly easy to use , nor require any alt tabbing or printing anything out. The entire thing is done with an in-game addon, just like Questhelper or Tom Tom. You no longer need some of these addons installed before installing Zygor Guides: World of Warcraft In-Game Strategy Guides.

The cool part about Zygor Guides is that it shows you just what quests to grab, which order to do them in, and basically holds you since it walks you through the fastest way to level. It even walks you through all of the class-specific quests, like the shaman totem quests or even the warrior stance quests.

Zygor Guides: World of Warcraft In-Game Strategy Guides is fully customizable, and extremely user-friendly. It puts objective markers on both the total map and mini map. Addititionally there is an arrow that teaches you exactly which way to visit next, the space left until you go to your destination, and exactly how long it will lead you to have there your current speed.

Zygor Guides: World of Warcraft In-Game Strategy Guides also introduces a number of other helpful features to maintain you leveling at maximum efficiency and speed. It comes with a talent point advisor which will let you know where you should put your talent points so you do not have to spend time seeking the most effective builds or wanting to decide best places to put your next point. If you want you can even set the addon to pay your points in the correct places automatically.

Not only does the addon tell you where to grab quests and which order to accomplish them in, it really features a built in optimized quest way to take from 1-80 whatever race or class you choose. Which means any quests which are not worth the time or effort for that reward they give you are ignored entirely so that you don’t waste time in it.

Yet another thing that would be amazing about this addon is it is one in the few (if not the only) guide that actually follows Blizzard’s policies to ensure that there isn’t any probability of you getting the account banned or anything prefer that. This is a huge plus for me personally because I will only imagine how upset I’d personally be only spent money on similar to this and then get in issue with Blizzard. False here.

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