Help with fluid mechanics!?

Suppose a cylindrical barrel falls off a ship and sinks to the bottom of the sea at a depth of 1.61 km. Assume that the seawater is incompressible, so that its density at the bottom of the sea is the same at the surface :1020 kg/m^3

If the pressure inside the barrel is 1.00 atm (it was sealed at sea level) and the total surface area of the barrel is 3.50 m^2 , find the NET INWARD FORCE acting on the surface of the barrel when it reaches the bottom of the ocean.

For my attempt, I used the formula Ptot = P surface + ρ density of water x g x h.
The total pressure I got was 116 atm, then I plugged this pressure into P = F/A and got a force of 4. 67 x 10^6 N…

I am not sure what I am supposed to be doing first actually, any guidance would be helpful!

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