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[b]1. You are part of a team designing a go-cart. A member of the team has given you a picture of the lighting for go-cart. Your mission is to analyze the circuit. The team has not yet decided on what lights or batteries to use yet, so you need to do the analysis using variables (into which numbers will be plugged once they are decided). In the picture below five light bulbs are connected to two batteries. Treat the batteries as sources of potential difference (∆V#) and the light bulbs as resistors (R#).

A) How many different currents are in this circuit? Draw where they are.

B) How does the potential difference across R4 compare to that across R3?

C) Determine the magnitude and direction of each current (in terms of R# and ε#). Suggestion: use Kirchhoff’s rules and Ohm’s law.

D) What is the total power dissipated in the circuit? E) What answers change if light bulbs R2 and R5 are swapped?

2. Relevant equations
Kirchhoffs Rules

3. The attempt at a solution

B) 5 currents

C) They are equal but have opposite signs

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