Heated Fabric Using Carbon Nanotube Coated Fibers

This fiber was co-developed with Hokkaido University and others.

“This product uses conventional technology for the polyester fibers, and carbon nanotubes, a cutting-edge material, as a coating for the fibers. The fibers are woven into a textile, and when electricity is passed through them, they give off heat. So what we’re exhibiting here is a fabric heater.”

The nanotubes are applied using conventional dye-printing technology, with a carbon nanotube network forming on the surface of every filament in the multi-filament structure. The resulting fabric is thin, lightweight, flexible and soft, and has a high level of washing durability. It recently won an award from the Ministry of Trade, Economy and Industry.

“These are live pictures from Hokkaido University. This fabric has been placed under the road by the main gate, and it’s melting the snow. What Hokkaido University has found is that carbon nanotubes tend to clump together, and they can’t be used unless they’re made to spread out. What’s currently being tested is the use of technology from Hokkaido University to prevent them from doing that.”

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