heat capacity

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data


Metal B has double the specific heat capacity of metal A. Both metals have almost the same density. Two small spheres that have the same radius of A and B are heated in an oil bath till 400oC, then they are removed at the same time and placed above the surface of a wax block with 20 cm separation. Which sphere goes deeper inside the wax?

a) Both go to the same depth, since they have the same starting temperature.
b) A goes deeper than B.
c) B goes deeper than A.
d) I must know the specific heat capacity of wax to tell the difference

the answer is c) but i can’t figure why !! is the more heat capacity substance lose and gain energy faster than the other one so it take more energy to get it’s temperature raised by the same amount because it lose most of it very fast during the heating process ?


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