Hall Effect Lab (Germanium SC) Without Hall Effect Sensor

1. Lab Method

The method for determining the Hall Effect is as follows:
This is the method that I was instructed to follow:

  • A current source was connected across a germanium wafer
  • The voltage across the wafer (in the direction of current) was measured with a multimeter
  • A magnetic field was introduced
  • The voltage, in the direction of current was measured again
  • The difference in measured voltage 1 and measured voltage 2 was assumed to be the approximate value of the Hall Voltage
  • This method was repeated for both p-type and n-type germanium semiconductors

2. Required Calculations

From these measurement the hall coefficient, magnetic field strength, the type of charge carrier and the charge density of the semiconductor need to be calculated

3. The attempt at a solution

The problem I’m having is that most reports and methods I’ve found that show equations for the above quantities are for a Hall Effect experiment that uses a Hall sensor to measure the magnetic field strength. This is the main problem I’m having because if I had a value for B I would be able to calculate all of the other values. Is there a way to calculate B with the measurements that I have?

Any help would be appreciated


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