Greaseless bearings that eliminate sliding friction

Bearings are components used to reduce friction so objects can rotate more smoothly. Bearings have a long history; their principle is even illustrated in ancient Egyptian paintings. As bearings are essential for making machinery run consistently, they’re widely used in familiar items such as cars and electrical appliances.

Animation of Ball Bearing
Animation of Ball Bearing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Bearings have balls that roll between associate degree inner ring associate degreed an outer ring. There area unit retainers to prevent the balls protrusive to every alternative. applied scientist sculpturer designed bearings like this five hundred years agone, and also the style hasn’t modified since then. the matter with bearings is that slippy happens between the retainers and also the balls, therefore grease has been essential. however the ADB, or autonomous suburbanized bearing, that we’ve developed doesn’t want retainers.”

In bearings, retainers are essential, to stop contact between balls. however Coo area has succeeded in separating the balls while not exploitation retainers, by creating indentations within the outer ring wherever the balls bit it.

“Ordinary bearing balls roll whereas up-to-date with the ring directly beneath. If you create holes within the half directly beneath, that the balls roll whereas creating contact horizontally, the number of movement per revolution is a smaller amount. that produces the balls curtail, then speed up, therefore behind associate degree accelerated ball, there’s invariably a spot. That’s the principle here: The balls area unit separated by fastness them down and rushing them up terribly slightly.”

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