Get the Movavi Video Recorder For Your Science Videos

Physics is a very interesting topic. Being engaged with physics, you might come across many intriguing flash videos that you will find streaming on websites and social networking sites. The videos can be on many types and can have really interesting concepts of physics in them. The one problem is that they are on the web and so, if you have to watch them later too, you might have to download. Now there isn’t always a download option available along with the video and so, the best thing to do would be to record the video. You can show other people the recorded video even when you do not have the internet connection. You can now do all this with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio with the help of which you can understand how to record flash video. The advantage of using this is that you get videos of the best quality possible and you can convert the video into any preferred format to save it.

To know more about how to record flash video, you can download the file and go through the step wise guide to know more about this screen capture studio. The first thing you have to so is install the file into your computer after downloading it and complete the registration to open the program. Open the program and select the Capture Screen option window that will open up. This is in case of Windows and for Mac users, you will see that the program opens up automatically. You will find a yellow frame on the screen and this is the area that is allotted to capture the screen. You can adjust the screen as per your needs and fit it according to the video that you are capturing. You can however select a size you are comfortable with from the dropdown menu too.

The next step in how to record flash video is to start the recording. Click on the REC button and your video will start. You will see that the flash video is being recorded. When the program has completed recording, press the stop button to end the recording process. There are other hot keys too using which you can very easily control the recording process. Now, save what you have captured. Before saving, you can edit the video if you need to. You can edit using the editor tool given or download the editor of Movavi to edit your video. Otherwise, just hit on save and there, you will find a list of formats that will match your requirements. You can search for your required formats to find a format that is good for mobile device. Click on Save.

Now that you have complete knowledge of how to record flash video, you should download the Movavi Screen Capture Studio and use it as a converter for all the videos that you capture. Store the movies in whatever device you want and watch them when you are free.


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