Gearturbine Project Atypical InFlow Thermodynamic Technology

The Gearturbine comes from the contemporary ecological essential global needs of a efficient power plant fueled motor engine.

-Power thrust by bar (tube); air, sea, land, power generation, work application.

-Have the same simple basic system of the “Aelopilie” Heron´s Steam Turbine device from Alexandria,

10-70 AD) one thousand nine hundred years ago. Because; the circular dynamic motion, with 2/Two Opposites power (polar position) lever, and is feeds from his axis center.


A typical fueled turbine engine, state of the art. New thermodynamic technology. Top system.

-With Retrodynamic dextrogiro vs levogiro phenomenon effect. / Rotor-RPM VS InFlow / front to front “Collision-interaction” – inflow vs blades surface/(gear). Technical unique dynamic motion mode.

-Form-function wide cilindrical shape / continue kinetic inertia, positive tendence dynamic mass motion

-Non-waste parasitic looses system for: cooling, lubrication & combustion.

-Combustion 2Two (Inside dynamic) continue circular flames (like 2two opposite rockets, (at the same axis)).

-2 Two (very) long captive compression inflow propulsion conduits. start at were ends, in perfect shape balance.

-4 Turbos (rotary & translation motion) inside active.

-Mechanical direct 2two planetary gears thurst, inside in a bigger shell, total lever, polar position. (Big torque) (like the Ying Yang simbol concept).

-3 stages of inflow turbo compression before combustion; 1)1-Turbine, 2)2-Turbos 3)2-Turbos.

*The most innovative power plant engine project today. Higher efficient % percentage. Next trend wave toward global technological coming change.

Patent; Dic 1991 IMPI Mexico #197187 / Carlos Barrera. – Individual Designer – Inventor and project owner. / All Rights Reserved. Monterrey, NL, Mexico.

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