Functional and Eco-Friendly Light Tree-Alternative for Streetlamps

Designed byOmar I. Huerta Cardoso, the light tree represents a new generation of street lamps that make use ofsolar energyduring the day to illuminate at night. The light tree featuresnanotube solar cellsthat, besides offering a great functionality, have an appealing design.


The artist absitively to accomplish a lamp that would mix hydroponic techniques with the latest solar corpuscle technology. In addition, the “tree” has baptize central that provides a added able advice of ablaze produced by a alternation of ultra-bright LEDs installed in the base.
The baptize is additionally acclimated to augment the seeds that are placed at the top extremities of the tree. After a while the seeds will about-face into admirable plants, transforming the abstraction into an amoebic tree.
It would be absorbing to acknowledgment that the ablaze from the sun and ultraviolet ablaze are captivated by solar panels on the timberline and again adapted into activity acclimated to ablaze up the LEDs at night.
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