Fukushima Developed High speed food radiation testing system used for testing rice

The danger classification sign of radioactive ...
The danger classification sign of radioactive materials (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fuji Electric has released the Food Radiation Testing System. The system can quickly and accurately measure radioactive cesium levels simply by placing items on a conveyor belt.

For 30 kg sacks of rice, measurement takes as little as 10 seconds per sack. No specialized knowledge is needed, and testing can be done while the food is still in cardboard boxes or bags.

“Unlike screening systems from other companies, in this one, measurement is unaffected by radiation from outside, even without a shutter mechanism. This system has a shadow shield, which prevents radioactive cesium in the environment from affecting the sensor directly. So, while a rice sack is inside, this machine can measure the cesium from the rice sack alone.”

“At present, in Fukushima, all sacks are tested. Although 4-6 sacks can be processed per minute, higher speed is needed. So, we’ve developed this system to make screening faster, by increasing the sensitivity and strengthening the shielding.”

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