Frequency of Light Wave

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
The glass prism has an index of refraction
that depends on the wavelength of the light
that enters it. The index of refraction is
1.44 for light of wavelength 7.245 × 10−7 m
in a vacuum and 1.79 for light of wavelength
4.433 × 10−7 m in vacuum. A beam of white
light is incident from the left, perpendicular
to the first surface, as shown in the figure,
and is dispersed by the prism into its spectral

Determine the frequency of the 7.245×10−7 m
light in the glass.
Answer in units of Hz

2. Relevant equations
c = λf

3. The attempt at a solution
Alright so I calculated the frequency to be 5.03125e-7 (this is correct),
so I just plugged this into the formula 3*10^8/5.03125e-7 and got 5.96*10^14 m
I thought I did this correctly. Did I do something silly?

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