An object with total mass mtotal = 16.5 kg is sitting at rest when it explodes into three pieces. One piece with mass m1 = 4.7 kg moves up and to the left at an angle of θ1 = 19° above the –x axis with a speed of v1 = 26.5 m/s. A second piece with mass m2 = 5.2 kg moves down and to the right an angle of θ2 = 24° to the right of the -y axis at a speed of v2 = 21.2 m/s.

What is the magnitude of the final momentum of the system (all three pieces)?
What is the mass of the third piece?
What is the x-component of the velocity of the third piece?

So I don’t even know where to begin with this…
In class we went over Kinetic Energy of a system but not for momentum…Would it just be the sum of the masses times the sum of the velocities…? I don’t know m3 or v3 though 🙁


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