Equipment Generating Electrical Impulses

In some shopping malls and businesses installed defibrillators, or electrodes, supplying current to the body, thereby saving lives. And all because 30 years ago, scientists made the discovery: the human body can be seen as a closed electrical circuit. This means that can be influenced by external inputs. For the benefit of our health and even life.

Researchers in the last thirty years have studied brain activity using electrodes implanted into the skin or applying a sensor.

The oldest device that uses electricity (polish: Prąd elektryczny) to health, were defibrillators. Two flat electrodes, charged with high intensity, are applied to the breast of the patient, whose heart stopped beating, and using powerful “impact” passed through his body strong electrical pulse. Under his influence usually takes heart from normal operation. Cardiologists have decided to exploit this phenomenon also in miniature.

People whose hearts beat irregularly or too weak, began to be implanted pacemakers. This tiny pacemakers, sending an electrical pulse in such a rhythm in which the heart must work. Such implants work well also in patients with cerebral palsy.

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