Environmental Cleaning Device

I have always been thinking of what is happening to this world. Everyday i wake up, I look at the sky above and see the beauty of our nature, but as I look down I see and smell this tight air which we are breathing all polluted by automobiles and companies. This was worrying me alot, since this was leading to the end of all living things, someday we would be not able to walk outside and breath deep through, we would be in closed in and would be supplied by artifical oxygen for surviving.
Everything is clear where its leading to but no one is doing something about this. So I came up with this Invention to handle everybodies problem, this device can be controlled by its capacity and weight according to the inquiry ( size of a lorry or make it as small as a A4 paper) Why are we talking about the capacity? It’s very important to have flexibility in the treatment with the complexity of nature. In other words. It can be carried in cars and trucks, or placed on high buildings to have better results in crowded cities, where pollution is the most. It can be also placed on helicopters or small planes to get rid of a very big quantity of poisonous gases like CO,CO2 and NOx.
I use for the device simple materials which can be found in nautre in big amounts, so the costs of producing the device would be very low. Suppose that we had a million devices both fixed and in motion, we would get rid of a very large quantity of these posionous gases. I think its about time we didn’t just think about our needs, but to look at this place we are living and which is and stays our main source of life, specially now looking at the changing climate and the Ice melting from the poles(global warming). These are first reactions caused from nature because of pollution.
The faster we react the more we can save time to survive, the cost of the device for manufactoring is very simple, compared to the cost of wars and weapons whcih only cause more pollution and termination of humans. The human nature is the most important thing we should think about and i hope from god that this device would be the first step for a new and happy world.

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