1. Imagine two objects, A and B, answer the questions that follow based on the conditions given.

A= 500g, at 2m, B=1.0kg, at 1m

a. Which has a greater Gravitational Energy? Why

b. If they are both dropped, which would have a greater velocity impact? Why?

c. If both are dropped onto a spring, which will store the greater energy?

d. Which will cause the spring to compress more?

2. Eg = mgh

3. a. A=(.5kg)(9.8 N/kg)(2m) = 9.8 J

B=(1kg)(9.8 N/kg)(1m) = 9.8 J

b. They would both have the same velocity because they both have the same amount of gravitational energy.

c. They will both store the same amount of energy.

d. Both springs would compress the same.

Hello everyone, I believe I did my calculations correct for part a, but I’m not positive about my answers on parts b, c, and d. Can someone tell me if I did this incorrectly? Thanks!

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