Electrostatic fields- What defines an electrostatic field???

I have a question about electrostatic fields!

I was given these two equations

E= k [xy xˆ + 2yz yˆ + 3xz zˆ]

E= k[y^2 xˆ+ (2xy+ z^2)+ 2yzzˆ]

And asked to determine if either could be an electrostatic field, I’m not asking how to solve this problem but I’m not sure what defines an electrostatic field!

I have heard vector and scalar fields being mentioned and I know that curl and divergence pertain to vector fields and gradient to scalar fields:)

My initial thought was to calculate divergence and curl and draw conclusions from there?

I’ve combed through passages on my textbook and notes and can’t find an explicit answer as to what defines an electrostatic field (other than static point charges)!

Any help would be great 🙂


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