Eco-friendly Hovercraft Concept

Chinese designer Yuhan Zhang has come up with a very original concept for Volkswagen called The Volkswagen Aqua, which represents a hovercraft of the future.

Graduate in Industrial Design at Xihua University, the apprentice anticipation that the abstraction should be fabricated application a failing and at the aforementioned time a actual abiding material.

According to the columnist of the concept, the agent could be acclimated in lakes, rivers, littoral baptize or alike on snow.

It would be absorbing to agenda that the CDN Car Design Awards China board included this agent in the “Chinese off-road Vehicle” category.

The Volkswagen Aqua appearance 2 motors. The capital motor obtains ability from a hydrogen ammunition corpuscle and it is acclimated to drive the capital fan. The closing inflates the brim about the hovercraft and raises the agent aloof aloft the ground.

The added fans, amid at the rear, are powered by alone electric motors. These admirers are acclimated to board advanced advance and directional control. It is account advertence that the Volkswagen Aqua can board two passengers.


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