E field outside of two non conductive shells?

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

Two non conductive shells surround each other, with radius r1, r2 and charges q1, q2 respectively.
Find electric fields for E(r < r1), E(r1 < r < r2), E(r > r2)

r1 is the inner shell, r2 is the outer shell (r1 < r2)

2. Relevant equations

I’m using gauss’ law

flux = E * A = q_enclosed / epsilon_not

3. The attempt at a solution

E(r < r1) = 0
E(r1 < r < r2) = q1 / 4 * pi * episolon_not * r^2

I’m confused on E(r > r2), what is the charged enclosed for two surrounding non conductive shells?
Would I add up the charge from both (q1 + q2)? or would it only be the charge on the outer shell q2?

I don’t know what is significant about the shells being "non conductive" vs "conductive" what is the difference?

please respond.


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