Distance covered by car while decelerating

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A car level on ground, starting from 15m/s, decelerates uniformly to rest in 20 seconds. What distance does the car cover while decelerating?

2. Relevant equations
Vf = Vi+at

X = Distance
Vf = Final velocity
Vi = Initial velocity
a = acceleration
t = time

3. The attempt at a solution

I started with the X=Vit+(1/2)at^2 formula and attempted to plug in the numbers but I have no idea how to find acceleration. I mean, I know acceleration is Δv over Δt but how am I supposed to find the final velocity when I need the acceleration to plug in the formula? I’ll admit I zoned out a little in my last class because I was tired from work the day before.


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