Disposable EEG Electrode System for Easier, Mess Free Application

StatNet is a new EEG electrode application system fromHydrodot of Westford, MA. Not requiring any prepping of the scalp nor too much professional expertise to apply the system, Hydrodot believes that its EEG monitor can be put for good use for clinical, as well as new research and diagnostic applications.
From the product page:

The StatNet headpiece is a disposable soft layered integrated circuit “sandwich” that solves virtually all of the problems of conventional EEG electrode applications. Its revolutionary “peel and stick” EEG headpiece is pre-gelled, embeds silver-etched integrated wiring, and does not require prepping of the skin before application. Its intended use is for ER, ICU, OR or any other situation requiring a fast determination of a patient’s brain activity. Benefits include:

  • The headpiece takes an average of 5 minutes to apply.
  • Because the electrodes are part of the headpiece, in predetermined locations, consistent electrode placement is virtually assured.
  • The integrated nature of the device — essentially a pliable printed circuit board.
  • The headpiece can be set up by doctors, nurses and other practitioners with no EEG training.
  • The StatNet uses two simple connectors, eliminating errors and infection-related issued with in leadwire connection.
  • Virtually no patient preparation is required; the electrodes are pre-gelled.
  • Results can be read by a physician either on-site, or remotely via the Internet.
  • Using the StatNet increases the productivity and satisfaction of all users, including registered technologists.
  • The headpiece is very comfortable and can be worn for extended periods of time, up to 4 hours. It can be re-gelled for longer use.
  • Because it is disposable and does not abrade the skin, the risk of infection is very low.
  • There is a single integrated cable, reducing noise and artifact that can otherwise distort test results.
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