Daifuku Baggage Tray System

The BTS achieves a top speed of 600 meters per minute – the fastest in the world. This makes it ideal for conveying baggage between terminals at large airports. As a system with high processing capacity, Daifuku will suggest the BTS for use in China, Asia, and the Middle East, which are considered growing markets.

“You can’t see them, but there are RFID tags on the trays. Conveyor lines merge and diverge, but the system scans the RFID information to determine whether baggage should go straight on or be diverted.”

“Ordinary barcode tags on baggage and RFID data on the trays can be managed in one-to-one correspondence. This reduces the possibility of lost baggage. Until now, there’ve been cases where a barcode couldn’t be scanned and the baggage was lost. But with this pattern, baggage can be conveyed with virtually 100% reliability.”

Another advantage of this system is, each tray contains just one baggage item. This prevents items from damaging each other.

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