Cutting-edge vehicle collision prevention technology

Nissan Motor presented EPORO, a type of robot car that moves using rules similar to those found when observing a school of fish. This cutting-edge technology is another step toward the prevention of vehicle collisions. When developing EPORO, researchers noted how schools of fish avoid obstacles in the water, without any fish bumping into each other. They applied the behavior rules of fish schools to control the movement of EPORO. Fish use mainly their lateral lines and eyes as sensors to detect what’s happening around them. To play the role of the “lateral line sense” of fish, EPORO uses a Laser Range Finder, which measures the distance to obstacles using laser beam reflections. The role of the visual sense is played by Ultra Wide Band technology, which measures the position of obstacles by emitting pulse signals and timing how long they take to be reflected.


One thought on “Cutting-edge vehicle collision prevention technology

  1. Robert April 19, 2011 at 11:26 am

    not better than which i made. it had several features not just the collision avoidance. Should have worked a little more harder. But i must admit that the looks are far more better than mine. The KIA motors is planning to launch new vehicles of their in collaboration with Microsoft to make such collision avoidance cars.

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