Concept Car With Carbon Fiber Body

Toyota at the Paris Motor Show 2010: 2011 iQ
Image by Toyota UK via Flickr

Toray has spent 300 million yen to develop a prototype electric vehicle that uses a carbon fiber body. This car was exhibited at the Toray Advanced Materials Show 2011. By using lots of light, strong carbon fiber, Toray has achieved a lightweight vehicle that’s energy-efficient and ensures safety in a crash.

Acording to Diginfo:

“Our main aim in making this concept car was to demonstrate how our materials, especially those containing carbon fiber, can be used in an actual car to achieve light weight and safety.”

This concept EV is an open car for two people, with a top speed of 147 km/h, and a range of 185 km on a single charge. It was designed by Gordon Murray Design, a vehicle design firm involved in Formula 1.

“A two-seater open EV is difficult to compare with other vehicles. But compared with, say, a four-seater production car, using carbon fiber can reduce the weight by about one-third. Actually, this car weighs 846 kg. The lithium ion battery accounts for 220 kg, so the body weighs a little over 600 kg.”

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