Compton Effect

I’m pretty sure this is a fairly obvious question, but I can’t ever be sure..

So, if a photon is "scattered" 180 degrees. Its not being scattered at all, correct? So, then the energy of the "recoiling electrons" would be 0.

It makes sense mathematically if I’m doing it right.


##h## is Planck’s constant, ##m_e## is electron mass, c, speed of light. If theta is 180, change is wavelength is 0, so then there is no scattering? Is the all consistent?

The reason I’m so hesitant, is because this is a homework problem, and the only one assigned dealing with recoiling electrons, so I figured it would be… less trivial.

Note: Excuse the lack of homework template, I’m posting this off of my phone, which does not give me the template.

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