Color Night Vision Camera – For Vivid Color in Pitch-Black Conditions

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At Printable Electronics 2011, the Nanosystem Research Division of AIST demonstrated a color camera that can take pictures in the dark.
This camera uses highly sensitive infrared photography technology, developed by AIST, to capture real-time color video even in darkness.
“This camera uses various algorithms that analyze the wavelengths reflected when objects are illuminated with infrared, and the characteristics of the objects. In this way, we’ve succeeded in reproducing the red, blue, and green colors of objects.”
By contrast to the monochrome green pictures from conventional systems, this technology produces color pictures, making objects much easier to recognize. It’s expected to find applications in a variety of fields, including security cameras, wildlife observation, and automobile assistance.
“Next, we’re thinking about using different lenses, so pictures can be taken from a long way off. And at the end of 2011, we’re thinking of releasing a commercial version of the camera, which will reproduce natural colors vary closely.”
From now on, research and product development will be done by Nanolux Research, an AIST venture for technology transfer. The plan is to release a commercial camera that has higher performance, is smaller, and is durable enough for everyday use.
“Regarding price, current security cameras use both visible light and infrared, but this camera combines the capabilities of both. So we’ll try to make it less expensive than one of those cameras.”

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