Circuits – Calculating resistance/conductance etc

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
Source with voltage 4.25mV is ran along a 10cm long cylindrical copper conductor which has a cross sectional radius of 0.8mm. If the current was measured at 5A flowing through the conductor calculate: the resistance and conductance of the conductor and the resistivity and conductivity of the material the conductor is made from.

2. Relevant equations

The only equations we were given last week which is supposed to refer to this problem type are:
I=\frac{Q}{t} \\
Q=ne \\
I=\frac{ne}{t} \\
I=frac{neAl}{t}=neAv_d \\
v_d=\frac{I}{nAe} \\
J=\frac{I}{A}=nv_de \\
\rho=\frac{E}{J} \\
\rho=(\frac{V}{I})(\frac{A}{l}) \\
R=\frac{V}{I}=\frac{\rho l}{A} \\

3. The attempt at a solution

For the resistance i have done:
For the conductance I looked it up that its the inverse so I just did
for the resistivity i have done
\rho=\frac{RA}{l} \\
\rho=\frac{(0.00085)(\pi 0.0088^2)}{0.1}=2.07\times 10^{-5} \\
It is the conductivty that is confusing the hell out of me, dont even know where to start.

Any help is really appreciated. Thanks.

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