Chinese adduce adjustment for deflecting asteroid Apophis

Approximate path of risk for 99942 Apophis in 2036
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Chinese scientist Shengping Gong and assembly at Tsinghua University in Beijin accept proposed an another adjustment of deflecting the asteroid Apophis to ensure that it does not bang the earth. They accept that rather than aloof alarming it up ala the European Space Agency’s Don Quijote project, a bigger access would be to use a solar sail, as declared in their cardboard on the album server arXiv, to boring nudge the asteroid off its aisle aloof abundant to accumulate it from aggravation us actuality on Earth.

Apophis is approximately 880 feet in diameter and weighs an estimated 46 million tons. If it were to strike the earth, it would most certainly cause damage for thousands of miles around the epicenter, but wouldn’t spell doom for the planet as a whole.

Because of the dizzying number of variables involved in such a scenario, however, there appears to be differing views as to the probability of that actually happening. There also seems to be some disagreement as to the origin of its name; some suggest that Apophis comes from the ancient Egyptian deity, enemy of the uncreator Ra, Apep. Others suggest it’s simply a nod to the character Apophis on the television show Stargate SG-1.

In either case, Gong et al, propose using a space vehicle propelled by a solar sail that would move in a retrograde (opposite) orbit relative to Apophis fast enough so that when the collision occurred (like two cars running head on into each other on a freeway) the vessel would strike the asteroid moving at a relative speed of some 55 miles per second, enough they say, to push the offending off its current path.

The problem is, as the Chinese group readily admit, is in being precise enough in aiming the vessel. With all the variables at play (including the years it would have to travel) it would seem an almost impossible task. Nonetheless, the team seems undaunted, suggesting that such a vehicle could be built and launched in the time frame available.

The botheration is, as the Chinese accumulation readily admit, is in actuality absolute abundant in aiming the vessel. With all the variables at comedy (including the years it would accept to travel) it would assume an about absurd task. Nonetheless, the aggregation seems undaunted, suggesting that such a agent could be congenital and launched in the time anatomy available.

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