calculating forces

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

two horizontal wire which are separated by 50 degrees are pulling on a 2180 kg mass and cause it to accelerate to the west at 0.25 m/s2. the tension in each rope is 4200.

a) find the net force on the mass
b) how much friction is acting on the mass?

2. Relevant equations

fnet= ma
cos law
sine law

f = fah-fnet

3. The attempt at a solution

so i drew out a free body diagram and calculated the components.
x1 = cos25 (4200) = 3806 N
y1 = sin25 (4200) = 1775 N

x2 = the same as x1
y2 = the same as y1

i found fnet by going mass * acceleration and got 545 N

now calculating friction is difficult. i do not know if i am supposed to use only one x component or both. am i supposed to add 545 or subtract it? all help is appreciated. thanks

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