Calculate Electric Current

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
Here is the Task:
The solar wind streams off of the sun in all directions at Speeds of about 400 km/s.
It contains roughly equal number of electrons and Protons.
Near the earth we find in a cube with a side length of 1 m about 8.7 * 10^6 Protons. The velocity of These Protons is 470 km/s.

Find the electric current produced by the flow of These Protons through a cross-sectional area of 1 m^2.

2. Relevant equations
The solution should be: 6.6 * 10^(-7)

3. The attempt at a solution
I really don’t have an idea how to integrate the solar wind into my equation.
Why is

(8.7 * 10^6 * 1m^2 * (1.6 * 10^(-19)) / 470 000 m/s


What has the solar wind to do with that cube?
Can someone please help me and give me some tips?

Thanks in advance!

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