Body Weight Reduced By Walking Aid

Moritoh is developing POPO, a walking aid that enables walking practice while reducing the load from the user’s body weight.

“Until now, there hasn’t been a load-reducing walking aid – a device that lets users walk while reducing the load from their body weight. During the last 2-3 years, suspension walking lifts have become commonly used for rehabilitation in Japan. A machine that suspends from overhead to reduce the load from body weight needs to be large. So we’re developing POPO as a new kind of walking aid – one that’s as compact as possible.”

In Japan, when people start having difficulty walking, they end up using wheelchairs at a comparatively early stage. That’s true in hospitals as well. People use all kinds of walking aids, but if there’s concern that they’ll have an accident and make their condition worse, they immediately switch to a wheelchair. When that happens, there’s a strong tendency for whatever core functionality people have to deteriorate. We’ve developed this machine to help people keep walking for longer, with more stamina.”

Body mass index. Graphics is made language ind...
Body mass index. Graphics is made language independent. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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