Black Hole

In a recent article published in the journal Physics Letters B, Indiana University physicist Nikodem Poplawski present new mathematical models of spiral movement of matter falling into a black hole.

According to Einstein’s equations of general relativity, singularities are created when the matter in a given region becomes too dense, as would happen in the heart of ultradense a black hole (polish: Czarna dziura).

Einstein’s special theory suggests not taking up space, is infinitely dense, infinitely hot, and it is a concept supported by several lines of indirect evidence, but still so strange that many scientists are hard to accept.

For example, the Big Bang theory says the universe began in a singularity. But scientists do not meet the explanation of how the singularity can be formed in the first place.

Gamma ray bursts occur in the periphery of the known universe. They seem to be associated with supernovae, or exploding stars in distant galaxies, but its exact origin is a mystery.

A wormhole theory may also help explain why some features of the universe different from those predicted by theory, according to physicists.

But observations show that the universe appears flat in all directions.

Read also about polish: Galaktyka.

It would mean that the further away the objects that we see the opposite point of view of the universe was once close enough to interact with, and will be balanced, as the gas molecules in a closed chamber.

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