Biehle’s Nova Physics page 3 error with volume calculation?

1. The problem statement, all vbles and given/known data

So I’m going throught the Nova Physics book and I’m wondering if there’s a mistake in calculation. The question reads: How much volume does 0.4kg of oxygen gas take up at T= 27 degrees Celsius and P= 12 atm (gas constant R = 0.0821 L atm/ K Mol).

2. Relevant equations

V= nRT/ P
the text’s last two steps for this calculation are: 0.4x1000x0.08×300 / 32 x 12
the last calculation is: 4x8x300 / 8×50 giving an answer of 24 L.
Where on earth did the 8×50 denominator come from?

3. The attempt at a solution

I keep coming up with 25L, but the text book calculates the volume to be 24L.

Thanks in advance for any help offered 🙂

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