Automated packaging machine for cardboard mailing envelopes

Innami Factory has developed a new type of automated packaging machine, the Ecomailpack IF-EMP450. This machine automatically packs products into cardboard envelopes for mailing, without needing shock-absorbing material.

“This machine can pack one item every eight seconds, so it can handle 450 items per hour. That number is very high, as a person packing items by hand can only manage about 100 items per hour. So, this machine has about four times the packaging capacity of a person.”

“When this machine packages products, it uses air to suction them up and open the envelope before inserting them. While the machine is suctioning, the envelope is pulled taut, and after the machine has inserted the product, when the air supply is shut off, the envelope returns to normal. When that kind of task is done manually, the cardboard inevitably ends up distorted, so it doesn’t completely revert to its previous shape. But by packaging products using this machine, the cardboard is kept taut, so products can be packed tightly, preventing them from getting loose inside the envelope.”

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