Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display Concept

Using this system, you can affectation aeronautics and AR agreeable while your buzz is in your pocket.
“Most antecedent head-mounted displays accept been large, accoutrement both eyes. But now, we’ve acclimated technology from Olympus to accomplish the affectation actual baby and light. This is a abundant beforehand in agreement of technology. And from now on, DOCOMO will coact with Olympus to enhance the architecture of the head-mounted display, so it can be agitated and beat after attractive strange. We’re giving this audience to advance how the affectation could be acclimated in aggregate with a DOCOMO adaptable phone.”
The new technology uses a attenuate prism alleged an Optical Bar. This creates two ablaze paths to the pupil, one bringing pictures to the eye and the added bringing ablaze from outside, accomplishing apparent pictures. This arrangement makes the eyes actual compact, with no ablaze loss, giving bright, bright pictures.
“The abstraction is to accept a affectation accoutrement an breadth of 18 cm one beat ahead. The admeasurement of the affectation creates the consequence that you’ve put a adaptable buzz into it, with a 3.7 inch or 4 inch screen.”
“The head-mounted affectation uses an Earth’s alluring acreage sensor to ascertain direction, so users can acclimatize themselves aloof by axis their head, rather than their accomplished body. So we’ve congenital in an appliance where, if you face right, the affectation shows advice about shops on your right, and if you face left, it shows advice about shops on your left. If you attending up, there aren’t any shops, but there is the sky, so the affectation shows a acclimate forecast.”

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