AP Physics Bitcoin Project?

Hi all!

I’m a new member and I hope I did everything right (in terms of formatting), given the "special" circumstance.

Since this isn’t a textbook problem or anything, but instead is about a project of mine, I won’t be using the provided format.


Project Topic – Anything that has to do with physics (This is a AP Physics B class btw)

Rules: Nothing that can harm self or others (no bombs, guns, or any projectiles)

Some of the suggested topic by the teachers are: discussing a famous physicist, devising a lab that the class can participate in, and discussiing a science fiction movie.

Time: Longer than 5min, less than 15min

Must have visual (PPT, poster, etc.)

This is a 75 points project.


I want to do mine about Bitcoin, or cyptocurrency in general. So only people who have looked into cryptocurreny or have mined them can help me on this probably. I have started mining since late 2013, and have mined several coins so far, the biggest ones being Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Peercoin. I use three USB miners for the sha-256 coins and my computer’s GPU for scrypt coins (I know, I won’t make the ROI on those, it’s more for the experience).

My initial thought is that I could talk about the power draw of the miners and talk a bit about the Asic chips being used. However, I feel that this is too simple. What aspects of Bitcoin, or other cyrptocurrency, have to do with physics?



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