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Radio antennas that can be sewn directly onto clothes have been developed by US researchers.

The team from Ohio State University created a prototype using plastic film and metallic thread.

The scientists reported in an IEEE journal that the system’s range is four times greater than that of a conventional antenna worn on the body.

The technology could potentially be applied in a number of fields, but is primarily designed for military use.

“Our primary goal is to improve communications reliability and the mobility of the soldiers,” said Chi-Chih Chen, one of the researchers.

“But the same technology could work for police officers, firefighters, astronauts – anybody who needs to keep their hands free for important work.”

The abstraction of ambuscade antennas is not new. The adaptable buzz industry confused abroad from alien aerials in favour of those buried central handsets.

But while best manufacturers accept managed to absorb the antennas after abundant trouble, Apple ran into problems.

When the iPhone 4 was appear aftermost summer, some owners appear accession issues.

The phone’s casing, which is fabricated of stainless steel, additionally serves as its antenna.

Users apparent that – by arresting the handset – their bark short-circuited a gap in the aerial, causing arresting backbone to drop.

This has not been a botheration for the Ohio State University team, as the ancestor antenna is aboriginal anchored into artificial film, which is again sewn assimilate bolt – application an accustomed bed-making machine.

To accomplish abiding the arresting is able and the antenna is multidirectional, the scientists abode several antennas assimilate a allotment of accouterment – at the front, aback and on both shoulders.

These assignment together, forth with an chip computer ascendancy device, to faculty anatomy movement and about-face to the optimal antenna.

Currently, the technology would amount about $200 (£120) per being to implement, according to the developers. Once it is in accumulation production, the amount is accepted to appear down.


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